Names are anethma to my existence

A big part of world development is coming up with solid, evocative names for the places you want to introduce your readers to. It's arguably one of the toughest aspects of creating a world.

At least for me.

I'll be writing along, getting some good stuff down, and then suddenly I'll come to an element of the fiction that needs a name. It might be a canyon, a forest, a city, or a person or race...whatever. The tap-tapping sounds of the keyboard cease as I stare at this blank spot on the page.

I can feel my mental gears grind to a screeching halt as I fumble to find adjectives that have an appropriate connotation, yet don't sound like something I've read or heard elsewhere. The page mocks me as I type, erase and retype, searching for that ever-elusive perfect name; the one combination of words (or a single word, as the case may be) that properly conveys the subject matter.

This is where writing ceases to be enjoyable, and becomes work.

It's so easy to just step away from the keyboard at this point (and some people say that's exactly what I should do when this happens...), but I can't seem to do that. Part of me wants to furiously type through my block, keep going... The other part of me wants to play guitar hero, but guitar hero doesn't get me any closer to a deadline.

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Benefits of a subdued imagination

Tough getting motivated this morning.

I still have some work to do, though my imagination isn't running amok today, which strangely enough, is a good thing.

I tend to get flooded with all sorts of ideas and then proceed to go off on wild tangents, which, while cool ideas (at least in my mind), only serve to distract me. Before I know it, a couple of hours have passed and I haven't made progress on things  I should be getting done.

Today however, my mind is a bit quiet.
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Starting this up again

OK, after a long, long hiatus (or was it just a lack of interest/time?), I'm going to try and start writing in my live journal again.

Today hasn't been bad.

I'm getting some good editing done for Scarrport.

I'm_still_finding things I'd like to add to this book though.. sheesh. I'm sitting here writing up Encounter groups for night fang eels, and I wonder to myself:

"Who do these guys hang out with? Well... nobody, they're eels (rather large, vicious eels, but eels nonetheless). But...Do other creatures use them as slaves?"

Bad question for me to ask myself on the tail end of an edit.

Now I'm sitting here wondering if Sahuagin might work in a river setting. They're sea creatures, but I don't suppose nothing would keep them from coming upstream and forming a colony on one of the islands on the Torberyn River.

Maybe they have freshwater cousins...

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Long time no post

Geez, I've been neglecting this journal.

In my defense, I've been really busy lately getting the Blood Throne book ready to be printed. After a long birthday weekend filled with awesome BBQ and layout, I'm happy to say the interior layout for the book is done and I'm just formatting the cover, which should look neat when it's done.

After that, it's uploading and sending off for a proof copy!

Rainy Day

I like rain. It's really nice to see the area get it too. It's been dry all summer so the sound of rain pounding on my roof is great.

I just hope I rolled up my car window.

interesting developments

I've just been in contact with Sadie Gregg, who works with Clyde Lewis at Ground Zero radio. I think they will be plugging the upcoming RDP book "Alien Invasion" on their radio show.

This could prove to be pretty cool.
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Can't seem to get motivated today.

I have a ton of things to do, maybe I'm just overwhelmed by it all and can't figure out where to begin. I've been getting alot of ideas lately for new projects. The problem is I still have existing projects that need work... arrg.

Need more coffee I think.
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