realitydeviantx (realitydeviantx) wrote,

So, let's cut off our nose to spite our own face

I just wonder what the WOTC brain-trust was thinking when they decided to pull their pdfs out of OBS and PAIZO.

Maybe the conversation went something like this:

Corporate moron #1 "This piracy thing SUX!!"

Corporate Moron #2 "TRUE DAT! But, what can we do about it?"

Corporate moron #1 "Don't ask me, my brain hurts from chewing on all that tinfoil for breakfast and I can't think straight."

Corporate Moron #2 "Lawl! Noob."

Corporate moron #2 "Hmmm... wait, I just had an idea... yeah... I had an idea!!! We could fight piracy by pulling our PDFs off online retail sites!"

Corporate moron #1 "ooooh. You is smart!"

Corporate moron #2 " Yeah! I ROXXORS!"

Corporate Moron #1 "Should we warn our customers first?"

Corporate Moron #2 "Naww.. They won't notice. They're too busy reading PHB2!"

Corporate Moron #1 "OH-KAY! let's do it!"

Corporate Moron #2 "We rule...Hey, got any more of that tinfoil?"

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