Reing of Discordia: Salvage Run is now on sale!

What horrors await the Heroes when they are tasked with retrieving information from a derelict R'tillek star ship? Can they accomplish their mission before the R'tillek fleet comes to reclaim what is rightfully theirs? Find out in this action-packed adventure written by Andrew Bacon!

Salvage Run is a True20 adventure for the Reign of Discordia campaign setting. The adventure begins in Rover's Beacon, a space station that orbits the gas giant Teron and serves as a major trading post. It is a major port-of-call for traders of all sorts, and a popular embarkation point for expeditions to the uncharted systems beyond the Frontier. This adventure is designed for four to six fifth level characters.

Salvage Run can be played as either the second part of the campaign begun in Virus, or as a stand alone adventure. It further explores the twin threats of the R'Tillek and the Lamagos Star Navy, as well as introducing a new species, which may prove more important to the fate of the former Imperium than would at first seem apparent....

My first interview

So I recently joined Scarrport co-writers Graydon Schlichter and Greg Tito to chat with Rone Barton and Ed Healy about Scarrport: City of Secrets on their Atomic Array podcast.

Pretty fun interview!

Ed and Rone do a great job with Atomic Array and I hope they continue to do so for a long time to come.

In the interview, we talk at great lengths about the city of secrets and everything you'll find in the book.

We also give props to Fred Hicks and Everyone over at One Bad Egg for their work on the Gods of the Shroud. If you're reading this.. Great stuff guys!

You can check out the interview here!
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Really blah day


Sometimes I really hate Texas, especially on days when it's very humid. My allergies are going nuts, and I'm all sweaty and sticky. It's hard to even think about working, not that I'd be able to anyhow.

I'm sort of in a creative flux.

I have a NEED to do some writing, but I can't decide what. I've spent most of the day pouring over rules systems, looking at submissions which have a lot of promise, and generally thinking about stuff.

But overall, I feel like I'm in a holding pattern; waiting for something to happen, but I don't know exactly_what_that is.

The wife is coming home early today, and I think we're going to go see Wolverine tonight. maybe that's what I need - a night out, to re-energize myself.

Some people need days in, but since I do my work at home, I hardly go anywhere.

Ok. I've rambled enough.
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Scarrport's out


It's about time I got this one out the door. It's debuted at  #7 on rpgnow's top 100 list, so that's pretty cool, though I sometimes wonder how reliable those top lists are.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, though some errata's coming back that needs fixing.

Ahh, I love errata, it makes me all tingly.

Scarrport is published using the Gods of the Shroud, by the great folks over at One Bad Egg. If you haven't checked out their stuff, you should.
They make some great 4th edition PDFs. very original material. very cool stuff. We teamed up to bundle Scarrport and the Gods of the Shroud, something I'm excited about!

You can grab Scarrport (and the bundle!) here

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RDP is having a customer appreciation sale.

We at Reality Deviant Publications want to show our appreciation for everyone who has supported us in the past and impress on those of you who might be considering picking up our PDFs that we are committed to bringing you the best game supplements we can possibly make in the future.

In light of the events of the past couple of days, we are putting all* of our True20 books on sale for either 1 dollar or 2 dollars at DTRPG and RPGNOW, depending on the size of the book.

So, if you have been wanting to check out some of our titles, but were on the fence, or you just want to add to your true20 collection now is the time! - Reality Deviant Publications - - The leading source for indie RPGs

Once again. Thank you so much for all of your support. We wouldn't be able to do this without your patronage.

-David Jarvis
President of Reality Deviant Publications

*-due to licensing terms, we cannot offer our True20 conversion of Colonial Gothic for a reduce price.

So, let's cut off our nose to spite our own face

I just wonder what the WOTC brain-trust was thinking when they decided to pull their pdfs out of OBS and PAIZO.

Maybe the conversation went something like this:

Corporate moron #1 "This piracy thing SUX!!"

Corporate Moron #2 "TRUE DAT! But, what can we do about it?"

Corporate moron #1 "Don't ask me, my brain hurts from chewing on all that tinfoil for breakfast and I can't think straight."

Corporate Moron #2 "Lawl! Noob."

Corporate moron #2 "Hmmm... wait, I just had an idea... yeah... I had an idea!!! We could fight piracy by pulling our PDFs off online retail sites!"

Corporate moron #1 "ooooh. You is smart!"

Corporate moron #2 " Yeah! I ROXXORS!"

Corporate Moron #1 "Should we warn our customers first?"

Corporate Moron #2 "Naww.. They won't notice. They're too busy reading PHB2!"

Corporate Moron #1 "OH-KAY! let's do it!"

Corporate Moron #2 "We rule...Hey, got any more of that tinfoil?"